Get Ready for Holi Festival 2018

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Holi is here again to paint your life with colours. Rightly called the ‘festival of colours’!


Holi is the festival of colours, so you can’t avoid them. It brings happiness, enthusiasm, together a mix of sumptuous delicacies, colour-filled water balloons and of course, celebration with rainbow colours. It is the time of the year again when people come together, rejoice and apply colour (abeer) on each other to share their joy.

Holi is celebrated across India with various things like Holi pichkaris, water guns, gulal, all available online. Online shopping for Holi doesn’t end with just the Holi gifts.

But this vibrant festival can also cause damage to your skin, eyes, hair, Nails etc. So, do take good care of yourself while you celebrate the festival.

Before stepping out, Here are a few tips and suggestion to make your Holi safe and joyful:

Holi should never be played with chemical colors. For this, you can before hand tell your friends that colors containing chemical are not safe for skin.
• The best option would be to play with natural home made colours. Your skin and hair will feel pampered with the use of skin friendly natural products. I will suggest you to use natural colours such as Henna, Turmeric, Marigold flowers, Tomatoes and Tea leaves for a safe and skin-friendly Holi.
• If natural colours are not possible, then ensure a better quality of colours. Buy colours from a reputed shop or vendor.
• Use more of red or pink colour which looks good and can easily taken off. Gaudy purple, green, yellow, orange have more harmful chemicals in them and should be avoided.
• If you apply olive oil or coconut oil on body, especially on face, hands and legs half an hour before playing Holi then the hold of color on skin becomes weak and can be removed easily from the skin.
• Additionally this oil should also be applied on hairs. Doing so will protect your hair from damage by harmful chemicals. It will also make it easier to remove while washing off colours.
• You can also cover your head with a thick scarf to protect your hair from being soaked in colour.
• If anyone doesn’t like applying oil on body and face, then instead a lotion, cold cream, Vaseline can also be used. After this, you can apply as much color you want, since, no strong color will be able to stay on your skin.
• To protect your skin from the adverse effect of colors, you can apply sunscreen lotion on your body. This can possibly decrease the chemical effect of color.
• Protect your lips by using a good lip gloss/lip balm.
• While playing Holi you should apply sunscreen lotion near your eyes and even on your eye lashes. This can protect your eyes from the harmful effects of colors.
• Make sure that powder or any other product does not get inside your eyes. Please ensure that your eyes remain protected at all times. A sunglass is advisable to protect your eyes from a misfire of colour filled darts or water jets.
• Always, wash your eyes clean with cold water and see an eye specialist if the irritation persists after few hours of Holi.
• Use dental caps to save your teeth from any unwanted stains.
• Together with body, nails should also be taken care of. To keep the nails safe from the effect of colors, you should apply thick coating of paint on your nails- both in fingers and toes so that they remain protected.
• To keep your skin safe from colors, try wearing clothes which cover whole of your body. This way, less part of body will come in contact of colors.
• Especially, ladies should avoid wearing transparent clothes, so, they will not feel ashamed on getting wet in water.
• Put on your worst clothes so that you won’t have to take on the hassles of an immediate washing.
• Rags like tattered denims and bright shades like black, blue, green, purple are highly recommended.
• Do not wear jewellery on the day of Holi. The force and emphasis while playing Holi can make you lose them.
• When travelling , keep the car windows thoroughly shut, even if you don’t have an AC car.
• If you are prone to skin allergies, avoid playing with gulal altogether. Going to a dermatologist (skin specialist) serves no purpose, after the damage is done.
• Do not drive if you are high on alcohol or bhang.
• Avoid over indulgence in bhang, drinks or food… so that you don’t repent later.
• Take a bath much later after the entire Holi celebration is over. Taking frequent baths, washing the face again and again, will ruin your skin. You will also lose hair, as too much soap/shampoo has a drying effect.

Have the perfect dress code for Holi with beautiful white salwar kurtas for men & women.

Splashing colors is fun during Holi but after Holi the colours get clingy and refuse to leave your side. Your skin and hair goes through a lot of damage and it’s important to clean all colours from your skin and hair. Do it carefully as it might make them dry and rough.

Here, we share a few tips about how you can take care of skin and hair after the celebrations:

1.Skin Care After Holi

• Do not use permanent dyes.
• Neither apply too much of soap on your skin nor rub it vigorously to take off colours.
• Always clean your face with a cleansing milk or lotion with a cotton wool after playing with colours.
• Never wash your face with harsh soaps, especially when it is wet, doing so can damage your skin causing further dryness.
• The best way is to rub lemon edges on your skin to get rid of colours.
• You can also massage your face and body with til oil to remove colours.
• Use lukewarm water to wash off all colours from your skin. Thereafter apply a few drops of glycerin on your face and hands.
• After playing Holi when you go for bathing, soak Multani Mitti about an hour ago. While taking bath apply this on skin where color is there. Dry this pack for sometime. then after drying,wash it. This Mud pack is very helpful in removing color from the body.
• After taking quick bathe, use homemade remedies such as apply sandalwood, turmeric, curd and white flour scrub to remove stubborn colours from your skin.
• Mix gram flour, sweet oil and milk cream in rose water. Make a thick paste of it and apply it on face, hand and legs. Let it the paste dry. Then remove it by rubbing with hands. This way the color on skin can be removed.
• Add half bowl of curd in two spoon of lime juice, and apply it on the areas having color. Then take a bath with normal or a little warm water. This way the color surely goes off.
• Don’t forget to apply cream after taking bath.

2. Eye Care Tips After Holi

Take care of your eyes this Holi, otherwise how else will you see all the beautiful colours of the festival?
• After washing color with water, put some rose water in your eye and take rest. This will relax them.
• If while playing holi, some dry color gets into your eyes then rinse it with clean water.
On the day of Holi washing your eyes, again and again with water is advisable. But, do remember not to rub your eyes, this may cause irritation in your eyes.

3. Hair Care After Holi

• Your hair bears most of the Holi brunt due to the combination of water, colours and the harsh sun.
• Rinse your hair with plenty of water to wash off colours.
• Before washing your hair, you should apply shampoo and leave it for 10 minutes. Use mild and herbal shampoo to avoid further damage.
• Apply a rich and deeper conditioner on your hair.
• If your hair becomes dry, apply oil and wash it off the next day.
• You can also add lemon juice to a mug and use it as a last rinse to restore mild-alkaline balance of the scalp.

4.Hands and feet Cleaning:

• Dip your hands and feet in mugs of warm water with hydrogen peroxide and rosewater. This will clean your feet.
• After washing your face gently with water, apply olive oil with cotton to remove colours.

5. Apply plenty of moisturizer:

After taking bath, apply plenty of moisturizer to prevent the skin from dryness.

6. Go for massage:

Once you have removed all colours from your skin, visit a nearest parlour to get facial and oil massage done.

This year, have a safe Holi, and end the day with great sweets & mithai.

That was our collective of the week talking about Holi Care Tips. We hope to have covered all areas. Let us know in the comments below if we missed something or you have a unique point to share with others. Happy Holi!

Wishing all of you a colourful Holi and hoping you’ll have a herbal and safe one!



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