Libero Medium size open diapers(2packs, 40 counts per pack)

 888.00 (as of 06/11/2016, 3:31 PM)

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Libero is made from a completely new, soft material with a cotton feel, which breathes and keeps the outer layer dry and wonderfully soft on your baby’s delicate skin. The softness is particularly important for very small babies, whose skin is sensitive and delicate in the early weeks of life. The diaper has a double leakage barrier and a super-absorbent core, offering optimum protection against leaks. And to ensure peace of mind for parents and optimum dryness for babies, we’ve developed a smart wetness indicator on the back of the diaper that clearly shows when your baby’s diaper is wet and needs changing. Libero was created with the help of our 360° Pro Skin Technology, resulting in a softness and fit that has to be experienced to be believed.