How To Take Care Of yourself in winter Season

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The Winter Season opens the cold wind everywhere and untimely rainfalls, mist, fog, snowfalls and dew drops in this season are observed. Winter is actually a great time to step up your personal style and start experimenting with layering different pieces of your wardrobe. From hats, gloves, scarves, and sweaters, you have many items at your disposal.It is a great time to step up your personal style. Enjoy latest collection of winter outfits that will  help you to stay stylish while out in the snow.

But the cold winter weather can have a negative effect on everything from your skin, hair, nails and even your mood. We’ve put together our top tips to help you avoid the most common winter beauty woes to look fabulously flawless whatever the weather.

Skin Care Tips

Colder climates can be tough on your skin. Cold temperatures lead to low humidity resulting in drying out of skin. Bitterly cold winds can also strip moisture from exposed skin. Throughout the winter months, many people find their skin to be rough, red, tightened, cracked or peeling because of dryness.

Here are some skin care tips that will make your skin feel soft and supple during winter season.
• Since the skin on your face is more sensitive, use anoil-based moisturizer, rather than a water-based moisturizer so that the oil forms a protective layer on the skin and retains moisture on your face.
• Moisturize your skin several times in a day. Use various body oils or body lotion productscontaining avocado oil, primrose oil, almond oil, tea tree oil, mineral oil orglycerindaily to reduce the dryness on your skin.
• Drinking water helps your skin stay young and wrinkle free. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water everyday during winter season.
• Winter sun can also damage your skin, so put on some sunscreen to your face and hands while going out during winter.
• The skin on your hands has fewer oil glands, and has the thinnest skin layer than in any other part of the body. During winter season, wear gloveswhile going out to avoid cracking or itching of the hands.
• Having a hot bath during winter season does feel great, but the intense heat of a hot bath or shower can lead to loss of moisture in our skin. Lukewarm water is much better for a bath during winter.

Chapped Lips
Keeping a tube oflip balm in your pocket is a good first step, but winter winds can take chapped lips to a whole new level. If lips are flaky, take a clean toothbrush and very gently exfoliate the skin to remove excess skin.

Rough and Cracked Feet

• Nothing screams “dead of winter” like gnarly, callused feet with cracked heels. Scrub calluses with a pumice stone in the shower once per week to slough off rough, dead skin.
• Moisturize feet, especially the heels, every day with thick cream-lotions containing lactic acid are especially effective, and wear cotton socks to bed.
• Wearing super toasty wool footwear can raise the overall body temperature, sometimes making it difficult to stay asleep all night long.

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• For Cracked Feet You can useElectronic foot file (Scholl Diamond Crystals Velvet Smooth Express Pedi)that effectively removes hard skin on your feet with minimal effort. This Electronic Foot file is a Professional level pedicure which quickly and easily removes tough skin on heels to make your feet smooth and soft. After that applyFoot Massage cream.

Winter Make Up
Every woman looks forward to making herself look beautiful even during the cold winter season. Choose make up colors that are suitable for winter season. Here are some make up tips for a glam look during winter season.

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• Skin type is most important during winter season. If you have a dry skin, use a suitable lotion and apply all over your face gently before you apply make up. Whereas for oily skin you just need to apply a little bit of it.
• Use acreamy liquid foundationthat matches your skin tone and apply over your face for a smooth look.
• After applying the foundation, apply some powder on your face to get the flawless appearance. Choose a warmereye shadowshade like browns or grays and apply on the upper part of your eyelid to make your eyes look more striking.
• Use black mascara on your eyelashes.
Use ablusherto add a little colour on you face so you don’t look too pale.
Apply lipstick or a colourless lip-gloss on your lips for a smooth and moist look.

Winter Hair Care
Due to the bitter, dry freezing cold wind during winter season most of us find it difficult to manage the frizzy, and dry texture of the hair. Here are some hair care tips for winter season:
• During winter season wash your hair with lukewarm water as hot water leaves your hair frizzy and static.
• A deep conditioning to your hair once in a while is probably good during winter season, So choose a perfect conditioner.
To prevent breakage or other damage, avoid blow-drying and brushing hair when wet because those locks are most delicate when waterlogged. If strands are really parched, comb hair with a few drops of olive oil and a wide-tooth comb after showering.
• Dandruff is quite common during winter season due to dryness in the scalp. To avoid this try hot oil and lemon therapy orAnti-Dandruff Shampooat least once a week to get rid of dandruff.
• Split ends in hair may also be due to dry weather. Too much exposure to cold wind results in hair breakage. Cover your head when you go out to protect your hair from the dry winter wind. Make sure to use aserumor ahair cream after a head bath to smoothen and bring shine to your hair.

Brittle Nails
Dry air saps the moisture right out of nails and leaves them delicate and susceptible to breaks and tears. To treat them, apply olive oil or lotion containing lanolin to nails before bed and sleep with gloves on to help aid absorption.
Thin coat of clear nail polishcan protect brittle nails from the environment. Also consider adding biotin-rich foods (also called Vitamin B7) to the diet.



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