Tips and tricks for 10th & 12th Board Exam

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How to Prepare for Board Exam

As the board exams are getting close, tension and anxiety among the students have now started to build up. Students are often found getting confused and wasting lot of energy in a comparatively less effective study-plan. Many students are wandering here and there for Exam Preparation as Exams are started earlier. However, their parents, teachers, and elder siblings need to guide them throughout the entire time to ensure that they feel as good as they should while studying.  Since preparing with a positive mindset would deliver the best output.

There are many considerations that students need to undertake while preparing for board exams, such as time management, confidence, and preparation in an effective manner. In this post we are providing you Important Board Exam Tips to get Good Marks in Board exam of 10th and 12th.

Why are Preparation Tips for Board Exam necessary?

We know that Board Exams are organized annually by the board of education including state or central. You should know how to prepare for Board Exam so that you can score the maximum marks in the exam. It will be your first step towards achieving the goal you have set in life. This is because the High School board marks will be a decisive factor for most of your future endeavors.

Here is a list of some of the golden tips on Board exam preparation which will definitely helps you to score great in the Board exams.

Know the Syllabus clearly:

  • Follow your class lessons properly to cover your syllabus in a systematic manner. The class lessons are probably the first introduction of the topics to you.
  • After coming home, revise whatever is taught in the class, as the topics still remain fresh in mind. In case of confusion, clarify with your teacher the next day.
  • While preparing for the exam, students should realistically take up each subject and go through all the topics and chapters in it.
  • I will suggest you to go through NCERT books that are the most valuable.  Getting your hands on the NCERT textbooks will guide you towards clearing your concepts and sharpening your skills on a topic. Question in board exams are framed on the basis of textbooks, and chances of questions appearing beyond the prescribed text book are very feeble.

  • You can take the help of reference books as well. You can also take reference material from coaching institutes. You need to develop your own technique for cracking the exam.
  • Keep a fresh copy and make short notes it will help you to revise syllabus quickly.
  • Try to finish syllabus before the time you have set.
  • Different notebooks should be made for different subjects so that you don’t waste your time searching for different topics and easily revise your papers as your exams come near.
  • Students should develop a habit of understanding each and every subject conceptually.
  • Subjects that need a little bit of cramming should have revision sessions so that students revise important notes (highlight them in bright colors, like yellow or make sticky notes).
  • Do not skip studying diagrams, tables or graphs in the textbook. Remembering diagrams and graphs are easy and you and explain a lot many things from them.

Find Your Weak Areas:

  • All the Students who are going to attend 10th or 12th Board Exam should judge themselves honestly on the basis of their weaknesses and strengths.
  • Analyzing ways of preparing that others adopt wouldn’t help you. In fact, it results in low confidence and expectations that have been designed on the basis of others’ different preparation levels.
  • Instead, students should analyze their own weaknesses in each and every subject, in each and every realm of the way they prepare. For example speed or accuracy or efficiency, and study further accordingly.
  • Try different ways in which you can easily understand things by relating them to something you can easily remember.

Refer to previous years question papers:

  • By following this technique will be able to understand the kind of questions to be expected in the exam and prepare accordingly.
  • Solving the past ten year question papers is a very good idea to familiarise yourself with the exam patterns and popular questions.
  • Especially, look at the weightage of marks allotted for those areas you find difficult and work upon them.
  • Solve questions of varying difficulty and try to finish them during the allotted time as mentioned on the question paper.
  • Practicing a ready question bank and mock tests will further help you prepare the right questions beforehand.

Solve sample question papers every weekend

Going through this would help you to understand the highly productive way of giving exams so that you happen to use all your knowledge in a time effective manner. In order to adapt yourself, it is must for you to keep on solving sample papers to enhance speed, efficiency, and productivity.

Ensuring you have a thorough knowledge is not the only consideration, in fact ensuring you are able to give an exam paper with adequate maintenance of productivity for 3 hours is equally important.

Small measures you should remember:

  • You should also concentrate on important formulae, notes and dates which are important for almost all subjects.
  • The smart way to do is to write down these points, formulae, theorems, and definitions on a small paper, that you can carry along in your pocket or wallet for a quick revision at the last minute. (Do not, however, under any circumstances, carry these inside the examination hall).
  • Better to write long, descriptive answers in points and give pictorial or graphical illustrations wherever possible. This enhances clarity.

 Time Management with Exact Time Table:

  • The Time Management is the Key Factor in the Board exam. So attempt the paper taking time into mind.
  • Don’t run on memorizing too many things in last minutes. As you start memorizing, concentrate on one major theme at a time until you know it well. Move on to next topic after you have completed everything you need to know for the examination.
  • A Time Table is one of important factor when you are planning for your study preparation. Relevant Time Table is must in Exam preparation.
  • It helps you to prioritise and take care of the important and weaker sections first.
  • While you have allotted additional time to master those tricky subjects, do not ignore the other lessons


Revising the whole syllabus from starting to end may seem impossible in the limited time available. Therefore, prepare short notes and list out the main points or draw diagrams that can help you recall all the answers quickly.

Writing notes or drawing flow charts consolidates your memory and is more effective than only reading or mugging up your lessons. In this way, you will be able to grasp the points better and remember everything you need to know during the exam.

 Have Some Rest: 

After you completed all and feel confident about every topic, put down your studying and take a break from the subject. Don’t mug up anything and everything; rather try to conceptualize your topic with the relevant examples.

You need to take care of food and snacks yourself. Keep ready-to-eat food at your disposal. Eat something or the other in between to get energy. Do not over eat, else you will fall asleep.

Group study:

  • Studying in a group can help you tackle those difficult areas and learn faster.
  • Here You will find it easier to discuss the topic with your friends who can help you fix the problem areas and introduce you to better study techniques.
  • Those areas that may seem confusing to you might be easier for your friends.
  • They will share their notes on that particular section which can help you understand better.

Believe Yourself:

Don’t rush for the last minute preparation. Believe yourself. Keep yourself relaxed by playing, listening songs or other stuffs which will soothe your mind. Think positive.

On The Exam Day:

On the day of your exam try to reach the venue an hour earlier. It’s better to do research about the location of your exam center prior to your exam. Be calm and relaxed; don’t forget to carry the entire pen, pencils and other instruments.

For all the students who are going to give their board exams, I wish them best of luck and pray almighty for your glorious future ahead.

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